Summer Sandals, casual footwear for women


Summer Sandals, casual footwear for women

Summer and sandals are synonymous with each other. In women’s footwear, sandals play a key role in casual and formal settings. For formal occasions, women wear fancy sandals to parties, dinners, weddings and other social events. Sandals are more popular as a casual footwear item where you can wear them to beaches, shopping malls and cafés.

Types of Sandals

Summer sandals have dozens of types based on their design and shape. Basic types of sandals include flats, platforms, beach, dress, thongs and flip flops. Another classification of sandals is simple and involves their basic shape. Flats, for example, usually come with a single stripe and do not have any heels. Platforms, on the other hand, have a broader shape with large heels. Beach sandals are more akin to slippers though with better foot support.

Dress sandals have low to medium heels and relatively less fancier. Party sandals, however, are full of ostentatious materials such as stones, mirrors, embroidery and other patterns.

Ideal for Summer

Sandals are perfect for summers. Whether you are going to a party or to a beach, they will be ideal footwear. For beach excursions, try wearing sandals that are flat and lack ostentation. A simple black or white sandal will provide you with greater comfort during walking on the sand. Fancy sandals can be spoiled by the sand and humidity. The good thing about beach sandals is that you can wear them with any type of dress whether it is a swimsuit or a casual tank top and short.

Party sandals provide the combination of pomp and comfort during summers. They reduce perspiration by keeping your feet well-ventilated. Their slick design make you stand out from the rest. You can experiment with the shape, heel and other features of party sandals. This will help you in carving a style of your own.

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