All about buying socks


All about buying socks

Socks may appear a trivial item but they play a key role in keeping you fit and healthy. Your feet are regularly exposed to microbes and excessive perspiration is common in that area. This is particularly true for those who wear sneakers, shoes, boots and footwear for longer periods of time. Aside from the bad odour, poor choice of socks can lead to infections.


The first thing you should focus on before buying socks is the material it is made of. Traditional socks are made of cotton and still remain one of the most commonly used items. Cotton is an excellent material for socks. It is more absorbent and does not generate unpleasant odours that have become synonymous with socks. The only problem with pure cotton socks is that they are not as flexible.

This has been overcome by blended cotton socks. They use a mix of cotton and synthetic materials. The latter gives them the perfect fit while the former provides the comfort and reduces the generation of smells.

Synthetic fibres, despite known for producing smells, are equally popular. Nylon, acrylic, Lyrca and other materials are used for making socks. They are form fitting, extra flexible and easier to wash. Some newer varieties of synthetic materials have also overcome the issue of smell.


Socks are available in all shapes and sizes. You will find perfect fits whether you are looking for socks for a toddler or a tall, well-built adult. While there is no dearth of sizes, it is people who make mistakes. They often compromise on the right size and then complain about the fitting. It is better finding the perfect fitting sock so as to avoid such problems.

Socks are an important part of attire. An informed selection will go a long way in keeping your feet clean and hygienic.

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