Casual shoes are made from hemp


Canvas is a heavy, coarse, closely woven fabric of cotton, hemp, or flax, used for making tents, canvas shoes and sails. Some canvas shoes are made from cotton where rubber is traditionally used for the soles. They are considered low maintenance footwear and are not very expensive.  Some people find it easy and get their canvas shoes cleaned in the washing machine, but most shoe manufacturers discourage machine washing sneakers since it can break down the adhesives used to glue the shoe together. Some manufacturers suggest spraying the tops of new canvas shoes with a fabric care spray before you wear them but you can follow more care instructions included with your canvas shoes as stated below.

Casual shoes are made from hemp

Instructions to take care your canvas shoes

  • If the sneakers are muddy, wait until they are dry before cleaning
  • Knock off any loose dirt by smacking the sneakers on the pavement.
  • Wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt
  • Remove laces and rinse shoes with warm water inside and out
  • Scrub the canvas gently with a toothbrush using a mixture of water and mild detergent
  • Rinse with clean cool water.
  • When cleaning coloured canvas sneakers, be sure to use a non-bleaching soap.
  • Let them air-dry along with the laces.
  • Do not dry them near a fireplace or heater.
  • When the shoes are thoroughly dry, replace inserts and laundered laces.
  • If stains persist on white canvas shoes, just use white liquid shoe polish to cover them.
  • If you feel like knowing more about your canvas shoes, you can contact Ignite Shoes.