Winters and socks have a relationship


Winters and socks have a relationship

Winters and socks have an unbreakable relationship. This is the time when socks cross over the uniform and formal dress code and become a casual item. People wear socks to fight biting cold that can make walking difficult for them. Socks prevent frostbite and joint problems and keep your feet warm and dry.


Before buying socks, it is important to decide on the fabric. While nylon socks are a cheaper option, they may not provide the warmth required. You will need woollen socks or variants of cotton in a knitted fashion. Leather socks are also gaining popularity. They keep your feet warm and also protect against water or ice particles seeping through the socks.


Socks with minimal length are not good for winter. They get stuck in shoes and expose your ankles to cold. People with joint problems may suffer badly because of this. It is therefore important to buy socks that can go all the way near half-way to knees. This length will act as a shield against cold if you are a woman and prefer skirts over trousers.


Casual winter socks come in all colours and patterns. Since there is no formality attached, you can experiment with colours. Brightly coloured socks can uplift your spirits during severe cold weather. You can also choose socks with embroidery or embellishments.


Winter socks tend to worn out quickly due to excessive use. You will need frequent washing to keep them clean and durable. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while washing these socks. Some people like to soak their socks in lukewarm water overnight and gently rub with a detergent in the morning. You can follow suit as this is a simple washing method and does not damage the sock fabric.

Winter socks are a necessary item. They keep your feet warm and dry and help you in leading an active life during freezing weather.

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