White goes well with almost any colour


We all visit hotels for holidays, business, dinners, etc. Have we ever noticed the towels and there specifications? If not, then today I am going share some of my thoughts with you regarding hotel towels. Hotel towels are predominately in white colour.  During manufacturing strict quality requirement are set by the buyers and the suppliers have to meet those requirements. Several checks including wash tests are carried out in order to check the quality of the towel and of course the quality of yarn itself. You must have noticed that there is more than one towel in a standard hotel washroom. Most common types of towels you see there are of white colour because it gives feel of purity, cleanliness and innocence.  The most interesting element is that white goes with almost any environment.

In the hotel bathroom you will find face towels which are small towels used to dry the face after washing; they are in mostly in rectangular shape and are considered ideal for placement near a sink or basin in hotels Face towels are machine-washed with ease and are also long lasting.  You will also find hand towels which are used specifically to dry the hands and face is normally called hand towel.  As with bath towels, these small towels are often made of different kind of yarn and making sure there is an extra absorbency in them

Bath towels may be of different sizes in different countries around the world, most common sizes are 70x140cm for bath towels and 100x150cm for Bath Sheets. They are most often used for drying the body and hair after washing, especially after using bathtubs or quick showers Bath mats are made from 100% ring spun cotton with extra strong and long fibres. This gives superior softness and absorbency, improves wear and reduces fibre shedding. There border can be Dobby or Jacquard, or hotels might ask for embroidery, which adds a bit of visual interest to the towel while still serving a practical purpose.

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