Towels can enhance your kitchen decor


Towels can enhance your kitchen decor

Kitchen towels come in tantalizing colours and patterns. Unlike their bathroom cousins, they are smaller in size and are made of a variety of fabrics. You can use these towels to enhance your kitchen décor. They can go well with any type of flooring, cabinetry or counter tops. All you need is to pay a little attention to details while buying towels for your kitchen.

Look at the Flooring

First thing you need to do before incorporating towels is to look at the type of flooring in your kitchen. If it is regular ceramic tiles then you can go with every hue and pattern. If it is granite or wood flooring then you need to be careful about choosing the colour of towels. White is the colour that can go with any décor. For towels of other patterns, try mixing brighter shades with softer colours.

Cabinetry and Counter tops

Do not overlook the importance of cabinetry and counter tops while buying towels for your kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinetry is poles apart from what you saw until a decade ago. Wood is giving way to synthetic materials, glass and even plastic. Counter tops were traditionally made of marble or granite but now you can also install fake granite tops made of synthetic materials.

It is thus important to buy towels that correspond with the cabinetry and counter tops. White and black go well with wooden cabinets and granite counter tops. Red is the color to go for lighter shades of artificial granite tops and white or black cabinets. Green can mix and match with almost any colour combination.


In a bid to attain perfect décor, you should not compromise on the quality of kitchen towels. Try cotton towels or variants such as microfibre. They have excellent absorption properties and are also easier to wash. Good old terrycloth towels will also look good in traditional kitchen décor.

It is even better if you buy kitchen towels in bulk. This will relieve you of the hassle of running for the fabric store to buy a new towel after every few weeks.

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