Towel Sets, some call it an extravaganza!


It is common to see three or four piece towel sets sold together in the market, but a towel set could have six pieces or more or as few as two pieces. Its lavishness, it’s spectacular, some may call it extravaganza. Many people just use one towel to do all they need but many prefer to have a set of towels for each act of use. Towels have been around for many years and they were invented by the Turks and were originally a twill cloth where they have been refined to allow extra absorbency and softness by adding the loops to catch water.

Mostly Bath towel, Hand towel and Face towel are sold in sets. Towel set can also be build by purchasing matching pieces individually. In every instance, a towel set has matching towels of different sizes. They are very popular wedding and bridal shower gifts and similarly, an infant towel set, which typically includes a hooded towel and matching or coordinating washcloths, is a popular baby shower gift.

When purchasing a towel set ensure that you need more bath towels and washcloths than hand towels, as hand towels are typically kept hung for reuse longer before washing than bath towels and washcloths. Many retailers who offer home decor for the bath have both options available to consumers and they often display matching linens, including shower curtains, coordinating decorative towel sets and coordinating individual towels together.

Towel sets are often comprised of decorative towels, embellished with additional fabric or lace trim that cannot be purchased individually. This is an advantage when decorating a bathroom and looking for towels to accessorize a towel bar.  Canaria Textiles are experts in manufacturing quality and colourful towels and packing them in sets. To enquire more, contact, you can ask for any count or combination to form your sets, plain or embroidered one, great price and short lead time.

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