Towel buying is an art, how to buy?


Towel buying is an art, how to buy?

Towels may appear a trivial item but you need to be careful with their purchase. Towels are part and parcel of bathrooms, kitchens, garages and dozens of other places. It is therefore necessary to buy towels that can correspond to their use. Read the lines below to find out more.


It is important to find the purpose for which you want to buy towels. If you want to use them in garage then you will need smaller and lighter towels. If you want them in your kitchen then you will need towels of varying size. Bathroom towels come in small and large sizes for head and body drying, respectively. Deciding on a particular type and size of towel is thus necessary before you hit the store.


Towels no longer use a standard terrycloth material. You will find them to be made of cotton, polyester, microfibre and other fabrics. Do not buy a towel until you have decide on a particular type of fabric. While terrycloth remains the perennial favourite, other textiles are also gaining popularity. Microfibre towels are very light but have significant absorption capabilities. They are good for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can use a terrycloth towel for your garage. Polyester and microfibre towels are good for children given their soft texture.

Colours and Patterns

Buying towels of multiple colours and patterns will brighten up your kitchen and bathrooms. You can also use bright colour towels as part of décor. In bathrooms with white or lighter shades, a green, red or blue towel will offer a great contrast. In kitchens, you can match the colour scheme of granite counter tops with orange, yellow or green towels.

Towel buying is an art. You can perfect this art by keeping the above-mentioned aspects in mind while shopping for towels.