Selecting Towels and Bathrobes?


Selecting Towels and Bathrobes?

Bathrobes are meant to be relaxing. Still, many people complain that their skin feels itchy and they develop allergies after using a bathrobe. This happens because of the poor choice they make while buying a bathrobe. Selecting the right fabric can help you in avoiding this hassle.

Allergies and Itching

It is possible that you are not aware of allergies to a particular fabric. In most cases, people are allergic to terrycloth or wool. If you feel uncomfortable wearing any of these fabrics then it is possible that you are allergic to them. Try buying the same fabric with softer texture to see if you still experience the symptoms. Start looking for bathrobes made from other fabrics in case of a positive result.

It is not always allergies that can make you uncomfortable while wearing a bathrobe. The rough texture of some bathrobes can be mildly irritating on your skin. The best policy is to change the bathrobe to avoid this feeling.

Cotton is Better

Cotton bathrobes offer greater comfort and are good for most types of skin. Try buying cotton bathrobes with higher thread count. This way, you will be able to find a bathrobe that has a very smooth texture. Bathrobes made from microfibre can also provide you great comfort and are good for delicate skin types.

Elegant Designs

It is even better if you buy a comfortable bathrobe that has a stylish design. This can enable you to step out of the bathroom and bedroom in your favourite bathrobe. Bathrobes in Kimono styles or those with hoods and flowing cuts can enhance your style. You can wear them in your backyard while sipping tea and reading your favourite book.

Bathrobes are an emerging fashion icon. A careful selection of comfy towels and bathrobes can help you in improving your style while also enjoying the plushiness and comfort.