Pure and Elegant White Spa Towels


Pure and Elegant White Spa Towels

In spa towels, white is the king. Although there has been massive innovation in towel designs, many people like to wear white towels. They like the elegance and grace associated with white. Some also prefer the white as they think that coloured towels look cheap on their bodies. White can go with all skin types and physiques.

Colour alone cannot ensure you a comfortable wrap after a relaxing spa. Fabric is equally important especially when one looks into the possibility of rashes and boils. Cotton is the ideal fabric for spa towels. It is lightweight, has a smooth texture and ensures deep cleaning. Cotton is very gentle with your skin where you can ensure that there will be no rashes or skin allergies. Try buying towels that are made of pure white cotton as they are considered one of the best spa accessories.

You can also use terrycloth though it can be a little heavier. It is still a better fabric when it comes to ensuring a clean, dry body after a spa trip. Polyester and synthetic fibre clothing have also seen a surge in popularity. These materials are used in making spa towels. Some of these towels match the properties of cotton especially those made from special synthetic fibres. They are light and have greater absorption capabilities. There is still a chance of allergies for those with delicate skin types.

Cotton thus appears as the best material for making spa towels. It is also a cheaper fabric than other materials. You can choose plain white cotton towels or those with embroidery or other design features. Plain towels should be preferred though as they go well with the overall ambience of the spa. Pure white towels are also visually appealing and have a soothing effect on your mind and body.

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