Make a brand new towel more water absorbent


Make a brand new towel more water absorbent

Why a brand new towel does not absorb well?

If you buy a brand new towel set and dip in water, you would notice that it repel water rather than absorbing it. Few washes will make them more absorbent but how to speed up this process; it takes little extra work as outlined below.

It is recommend any way to wash towel before using it and washing in hot water is good. Washing with normal water may take many trips to the washing machine for a towel to get more absorbent, but some tips will help speed up the process. Some people run their towels through machine twice to remove extra dye and any coating left from the manufacturing process. It is important not to wash anything else with them because colour towels might bleed and ruin other clothes in the machine. Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. It’s better to dilute it first or wait until the water level is high enough to dilute it instantly, or else it might discolour the towels.

The second wash cycle can include 1/2 cup of baking soda, but don’t use baking soda and vinegar in the same rinse together because one is acidic and other is alkaline.  Do not use fabric softener of any kind because it coats the surface of fabric with a thin layer of chemicals that makes the fibres hydrophobic. You can hang towels outside on a clothesline to help them smell fresh and be more absorbent. Outdoor drying is greener and cheaper but line dried towels may be rougher than those dried in a dryer. You can soften them after line drying by tumbling them in a dryer for 5 minutes or press them, they get better.

To bring towels to the full absorbing potential which is a relatively slow process. It can take a couple months or more of washings for any fabric softener layers to completely break down and bring the towel to its max absorbing power. Just remember for the next wash, baking soda will get your towels cleaner and whiter; vinegar will get rid of smells and stains. White vinegar is a good fabric softener which also works for the static of most fabrics and help make towel ever softer.