In simple words – Cotton face towels are skin for life


In simple words – Cotton face towels are skin for lifeFace towels are small towels used to dry the face after washing, they are in mostly in rectangular shape and are considered ideal for placement near a sink or basin in hotels, homes, restaurants etc. Not every face towel is intended for practical use, as decorative face towels are used as a decorating accent and should not be used to dry the face or the hands.

Face towels are manufactured using absorbent thick yet soft material. These towels are also constructed with high-quality terrycloth, depending on the requirement of the end user. Face towels are machine-washed with ease and are also long lasting. The pile will keep its appearance wash after wash. Face towels are manufactured using different types of yarn, but cotton next to your skin should be the idea one. The ring spun yarn is tightly twisted, compacted together to create a tougher, smoother and finer yarn and combed yarn is manufactured from quality cotton that is combed to remove impurities and short fibres, leaving only the longest and strongest, decide at your own what you need.

Face towels come in various colours, border designs and thread counts. However as it is the smallest of all towel sizes and mostly used for drying the face, so it is kept a relatively lightweight and small enough to easily be managed with one hand if necessary. The towel can also be used by men during shaving at a basin. Ladies can used it to hygienically remove creams, oils etc.

Decorative face towels are commonly utilized as part of the décor for the bathrooms and kitchen. Decorative Face towels have design elements such as a section of silk across the body, fancy colourful embroidery, or some other decorative feature, depending on a personal choice there is a good chance that these towels are not used to dry the face.

Decorative towels are not put on the towel rack or near the basin / sink, in order to avoid the confusion. Decorative towels usually cost a little more, and with proper care can last for many years.

A basic face towel is relatively inexpensive and likely to hold up to several years of use. People with a creative flair sometimes purchase good quality face towels at budget prices and add their own decorative elements in order to create a collection of towels that are utilized as decorating accents.  Quality face towels are hard to find whether it be for day to day use or even supplying them for an institutional buyer. One source to find it would be they always provide quality products along with on time delivery.