Classic dobby weaving patterns


Dobby cloth includes a wide variety of fabrics in which dobby weave is used to give the cloth a texture. The dobby border can be differentiated from other fancy borders because of its weave. You can make any plain towel fancy with the dobby border, may it be hand towels, some dishtowels and washcloths. On a towel, the dobby border does not actually border the towel. Instead it is usually set in the towel about an inch or two from the bottom and top of the towel. Often the border is the same colour as the towel, but you might find towels with a dobby border of a different colour. Alternately, the border may feature stripes, geometric designs, or patterns that give the towel a little extra decorative touch.

Dobby weaving machines or looms raise or lower the warp threads that make up the longwise direction of the cloth to create its unique texture. Dobby cloth weaving patterns can include simple stripes, squares or diamonds, as well as more intricate patterns such as swirls, insignias and even any object of your interest. You may find several stripes of flat weave on a towel, representing the dobby border. This is a common variation of the single stripe. Since the design is popular, it can sometimes be challenging to find towels without a dobby border, which may prove problematic.

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