Bleaching & Dyeing


All towels must be dyed pure white before it is dyed any colour. Once the towels are weaved, it is one long terry cloth roll and has no beginning or end, it is wound on an off-loom take-up reel. Towels are then sent for bleaching as huge rolls of fabric and put into a water bath with bleaching chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, and other proprietary ingredients. The heat from high temperature makes the chemicals react, bleaching the towel.

If towels are to be dyed, the large, dried uncut rolls are taken to large vats of chemical dyes, which have proven over time to provide colorfast towels after extensive residential laundering. After being immersed in the vat, the towels are removed and pressed between two heavy rollers which force the dye down into the towels. A thorough steaming sets the color. The towels are again steam-dried, fluffed in the drying process. For white or towels in vat or reactive colours in various sizes and weight enquire, you can contact Canaria at

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