Hospital bed linen does not require duvets


Hospital bed linen does not require duvetsA hospital bed sheet is a piece of cloth used for covering mattress by the staff that is responsible for dealing with the bed linen. These sheets are not very glamorous but are easy to keep clean. Staff is carful in dealing with highly contaminated sheets and if they don’t, then all type of bugs could be passed around the hospital. This is the reason hospitals use blankets not duvets because duvets are very hard to keep clean and dangerous bacteria and viruses would breed in it. The hospital staff wears aprons and gloves when dealing with used dirty sheets and keep them in bag so that there is less chance of infection being past.

Common material for bed linen includes cotton, linen, and rayon fibre, and sometime blends of cotton with polyester. There are such materials as non-woven polypropylene fabric which allow the bed sheet to be disposable. Normally a flat bed sheet is over locked around the edges, one of the seams is wider than the other three and helps with orienting the sheet correctly, sometimes the sides do not have seams, the patterned or sheets with hospital name are placed facing outward. Canaria manufactures bed sheets which combine the luxury, comfort and fineness of cotton with the easy care qualities. Canaria claims that cotton from our region is renowned for being the finest quality one can buy, as long as it is manufactured from the long staple fibres which allow the bedding to be soft and durable. The thread count is an important factor, the higher the thread counts the better the quality and higher than 200 thread counts is classed as luxury bedding.

Canaria can ship Dyed, Printed Woven sheets in various fabrics of cotton or poly cotton, with thread counts ranging from 120 to 400 in Satin and plain weaves. A coordinated design with Border and Piping treatment on Flat Sheet and Pillow Cases is also possible as per the client’s instruction. These are white cotton sheets, with standard hemming; trim border top, trim border and piping available in following sizes, Single 90cm x 190cm, Double 135cm x 190cm and King size 150cm x 200cm.

All sizes are possible as well as with the hospital monograms; various sizes and constructions are requested by clients from different countries around the world. All sheets are easy-care and fully machine-washable, with very minimal shrinkage and no ironing required feature. One can transform any adjustable hospital bed into a soothing retreat with custom sewn bedsheets.