Hand Towels for Hotels and Homes


cotton hand towels

A small towel used specifically to dry the hands and face is normally called hand towel.  As with bath towels, these small towels are often made of different kind of yarn and making sure there is an extra absorbency in them. Hand towels with embroidery are also used as decorative accents in the bathroom

The hand towel is probably the second most commonly used towel around the homes and hotels after the bath towel. It is often positioned near the sink in hotels, restaurants and homes. This makes it possible for people to quickly dry their hands after washing them in the basin. Very Handy for men, as the small size makes it easy to use while shaving and washing.

Like the bath towel, these towels are rectangular in shape and are available in different borders, colours and sizes. Border can be Dobby or Jacquard, depending on the requirement of the customer Sculpted towels add a bit of visual interest to the towel while still serving a practical purpose. For people who like a lot of colour, it is possible to buy hand towels that are striped or utilize several colours in some type of pattern.

Hand Towels are manufactured using different kind of yarn. Yarns such as Ring Spun Cotton Yarn – These towels give you a softer feel and longer life. They are ideal for hotels wishing for a soft, but hard wearing towels of which they can be proud of.  Combed cotton yarns are ideal for luxury hotels and spas wishing to pamper their guests. Egyptian cotton yarn towels are a little heavier than most on the market etc.

Hand towels may be of different sizes in different countries around the world, most common size is 50 x 90cm, but each country has its own requirement. To have a look at some quality hand towels in any border, colour, or size please go to www.canariatex.com

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