Flat or Fitted, but it’s got to be the fine cotton bed sheets


Flat or Fitted, but it’s got to be a fine cotton bed sheet

When we think of staying at a hotel, we also think of comfort. When hotel management think of buying bed linen for hotel, they have the same preference. Many hotel purchase managers know that Canaria Tex can meet all their linen requirements. Their bed linen combines the luxury, comfort and fineness of cotton with the easy care qualities. Canaria Tex bedding range can serve a wide range of hotel segments from budget to luxurious hotels and from a major international chain to bed and breakfast. Our linens generally go from 180 to 600 thread count made from 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blends. Finest cotton fibres are sourced to produce high quality bed sheets with luxurious feel.

Flat Bed Sheets

These are elegant white cotton sheets, with standard hemming; trim border top, trim border and piping. We are regularly shipping these sheets around the world. All sizes are possible as per client’s instruction; various sizes and constructions are requested by clients from different countries around the world.

Fitted Bed Sheets

Fitted Bed Sheets are mostly used in hotels and homes, sizes vary according to the requirement of the customer, available with standard box and half round elastic or full round elastic and with extra deep pockets to help it stay in place over the mattress.

For those who need quality bed linen for institutions, please feel free to enquire on info@canariatex.com or visit www.canariartex.com for more details about flat or fitted bed sheets.