Five tips on buying a Summer Dress


Five tips on buying a Summer Dress

Although you have to wear less on summer, dressing can still pose many problems. This is especially true for the fashion conscious crowd that does not want to compromise on style. They also want a dress that can keep them hydrated and curb sweating and associated discomforts. The good thing is that you can pick the best summer dress with minimal effort.

Find Your Style

The first thing to do is to adopt a personal fashion statement. Do you want to dress fully or prefer shorts and tank tops? This will make it easier for you to not only pick design elements but also the type of fabrics.

Avoid Sweaty Dresses

Sweaty dresses are those that may look thinner but are made of synthetic materials. While not all synthetic materials are bad for summer, some can pose enough problems that you need a skin cream. Try buying a dress that is porous and allows enough room for your body to breathe. This will prevent excessive sweating and associated skin problems. Choose

Your Colours Wisely

Do not go for heavy shades during summer especially if you are buying a dress that you want to wear during the day. Darker shades absorb more heat and can cause trouble. You can still wear darker shades but at night when temperatures are low

Show Off

Summer is the time when you do not need to huddle in sweaters and jackets. It is time to show your style. It is thus better to buy a dress that has embellishments, embroidery, slick cuts and other design variations. They will enhance your personal fashion statement


Summer is also the time when you can experiment with dresses. Mix and match different fabrics and introduce new cuts. It is possible that you end up creating a highly stylish dress that is envied by your friends.

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