Ideal Fabrics For Summer Tops


Ideal Fabrics For Summer Tops

Tank tops remain one of the most popular summer items. Women around the world like to don a top to beat the heat. These tops also help in cross ventilation of air thus reducing perspiration and skin allergies. Tank tops are available in many designs and varieties. You need to be careful of the fabric though. Choosing a poor fabric for your summer top can spoil the fun.


Cotton is the ideal fabric for summer tops. It is lightweight, offers greater breathing space for your body and is available in numerous designs and makes. Cotton is also the most commonly used fabric for making tops. It has the flow that enhances your personality. Another good thing about cotton is its durability. Microfibre cotton is even better as it is soft on your skin while also lasts longer. You can wear the same tops year after year with little deterioration in quality. You will only need to be careful about the washing instructions though.


Polyester tank tops look elegant and carry a unique style of their own. These tops are also lightweight and come in a diverse variety of design. This can help you in finding a plain or printed design or one with embroidery or embellishments. You can wear multi-coloured polyester tops that have additions of feathers and other patterns to casual as well as some formal events.


Silk tops are not as popular for summer wear as cotton and polyester. You can still try those that use a mix of cotton, silk and polyester. These tops will be ideal for formal events as you can add embroidery, bead work and other patterns. Black tops with white embroidery can help you in finding the perfect dress for a semi-formal event.

You can relish the style and comfort of summer tops as long as you are careful about the fabric used in their construction.

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