Wear orange this summer, be cool


Wear orange this summer, be cool

Orange is the perfect summer colour. It is bright, shiny and flamboyant. It is also a colour that you can use for both casual and formal wear. Orange is good for both men and women as well as for morning and evening wear. You can incorporate orange in your dress and accessories. This will boost your style and enable you to come up with a unique fashion statement.

Orange for Men

Although initially considered a female colour, orange has gained a strong footing in men’s clothing. You can wear orange tops, tee shirts and shorts on a casual summer evening. The colour is equally good for beach wear as well as for swimming costumes. Another option for wearing orange is to tie a scarf of the colour around your neck. This will brighten up your appearance on a lazy summer day. Orange themed Hawaiian shirts offer a comfortable and stylish beach wear.

Orange for Women

If you are a woman, orange will be a perfect colour for your summer wear. Options are endless when it comes to incorporating orange into your costume and accessories. An orange scarf on a white tee and skirt will improve your looks. You can also wear an orange skirt with a white or lighter shade tank top. Orange coloured pajamas and frill skirts will look equally good on a hot summer day.

You can mix and match orange accessories with your dress. Try wearing an orange coloured purse with a lighter shade dress. You can also wear an orange necklace or bracelets. Orange hair accessories never fall out of fashion and remain a favourite of women around the world.

You can start with smaller items if you are hesitant to introduce orange to your clothing and accessories. Scarves will be a perfect item to start with. You can later add on other orange-themed items based on your experiences and individual style.

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