Create comfort of hotel at home


Create comfort of hotel at home

Hotel towel blankets have always remained a popular item among guests. Their plush texture and stylish design can encourage some to quietly tuck in the item in their baggage. It is not only the comfort level but also the brand name that makes people wonder about the possibility of stealing the towel. The good thing is that you do not need to resort to this criminal activity to relive the experience. You can have your own luxury towel blankets with the same quality as in any five-star hotel.

Hotel staff around the world will tell you stories of empty bathroom cabinets after a guest had checked out. Some hotel managers have grown wary of the custom and now charge the credit cards of the culprits for the stolen towels. Others are ingenious enough to embed RFID chips to track the location of their stolen property. You can avoid this embarrassment by taking a few simple steps.

Ask the Hotel

You can always ask the hotel staff about the manufacturer of their towel blankets. This will make it easier for you to search for that company’s products. All you need to do is to pay the price and start using the blanket.

Look at the Fabric

If you have no clue of the manufacturer, it is time to hit the stores. In recent years, hotel chains have started using cotton variants in conjunction with traditional terrycloth to create soft textured towel blankets. While on the hunt for the perfect fabric, you can look at new materials being used to make towel blankets. This will help you in finding the plushiest fabric.

Simple is Better

Plain hotel towel blankets, especially in whites, remain the gold standard. If you are interested in coloured blankets, look for lighter shades.   With a little effort, you can have the same feeling of comfort as you had while in a hotel. You can use the towel blanket in every which way you want and there will be no penalties on that.