Combed cotton towels are ultimate luxury


Combed cotton towels are ultimate in style and luxury

Combed cotton towels are made from a special variety of cotton known as combed cotton, which is produced after removing the short yarns, debris and pollutants from the fibre. The resultant product has a softer texture, better elasticity and offers greater comfort in use. It resembles the softness of silk while has the qualities of cotton. Combed cotton towels are sold at higher price because of their soft feeling on the skin and their absorption qualities. Combed cotton towels are not much different from ordinary towel when it comes to design. You will find them in the same cuts and sizes as ordinary towel. There is an equally diverse variety of colours and prints.

Combed cotton towel significantly differs from its ordinary counterparts. In texture, combed cotton has a smoother stretch and comes with greater elasticity. It is also free of prickle and short threads that tend to stick out from the fabric. The same features are reflected in towels made from combed cotton. You will not find any thread sticking out from the towel or poor elasticity of the fabric. Combed cotton towel has a higher tensile strength and last longer than average because of their construction. Combed cotton towel does not need special washing and drying instructions. The only exception is the temperature of the water used for washing. It should be lukewarm as extremely hot water can destroy the delicate fibres of the towels. You can wash them with a quality detergent and dry them off in a machine dryer or regular sunlight. Do not try to overstretch them while drying as this may affect their elasticity. Combed cotton towel offers the ultimate in style and luxury.