Choose your Pillow Cases wisely


Choose your Pillow cases wisely

Pillow cases have been around for centuries. Romans used to cover their pillows with cotton and other fabrics. We also find their evidence of use among Egyptians and other civilizations of ancient times. In contemporary times, pillow cases have seen a revolution. They are now available in many shapes, fabric types and carry embellishments, ornamentation and exquisite patchwork. Traditional pillow case, however, still remains the most commonly used item.  This traditional pillow case is generally made of cotton. White was the preferred colour but now you will find pillow cases in all hues and colours. White pillow cases have maintained their superiority because of a variety of reasons.


White pillow cases add elegance to your bedroom décor. You can use them irrespective of the colour of bed spread or quilts. White offers a stunning contrast with colours, embroidery, patchwork and other patterns on sheets and quilts.

A Cleaner Look

White pillow cases tend to get dirty quicker than their coloured counterparts. You should count it as a blessing instead of a menace. Coloured cases accumulate the same amount of dirt and grime as a white one. On closer inspection, you will find their colour to be fading away. They will also have many unpleasant stains. This happens because people do not wash coloured pillow cases as regularly.  In case of a white case, you will be able to maintain a clean look owning to regular cleaning and ironing. This will also accentuate your room décor.

Cotton is Better

While shopping for pillow cases, try buying items made from cotton. It is easier to clean and offer greater comfort. You will also find them softer especially if you have purchased a case with a thread count of above 400.

A careful selection of pillow cases can help you in enjoying a sound sleep. White pillow cases made of cotton will be a perfect choice for your cozy bedroom décor.

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