Breakfast in bathrobes


Bathrobes are fancy add-ons to our wardrobe necessities that we’ve grown so attached to that we simply can’t live without them.

To all the women out there, being a women isn’t as easy as the men paint it out to be so after a long day at work be it at home or at the office, your days can bring you down and what will cheer you up instantly would be a nice bathrobe to snuggle up in while sipping on a relaxing cup of tea. With all the many types available out there, it must be said that cashmere bathrobes are definitely the number one choice.

Cashmere bathrobes for women comes in a wide range and depending on where you buy it from, the quality can differ too, so do check out the looks and feel of it before making your purchase.

You may have to think twice, thrice or maybe even five times because buying cashmere can get quite pricey, but when you pull it on and set off to start your day, you would see that it’s worth every cent.

They are warm and soft, which is simply perfect for colder regions, trying times during the winter or even cold days in spring. It’s the perfect match for you if you’re looking for something super soft, it almost feels as though you’re wearing a marshmallow!

What’s more, cashmere bathrobes are lightweight and are easy to store. They’re also convenient to pack when it comes to travelling and can be used during the night, morning, day and evening too! What can get better than that?

Another plus point would be that it’s actually very easy to clean at home, a short soak in a tub of water, rinse and dry would do the trick. But to preserve the feel and colour of the material, you could opt to dry clean it twice a month or so, instead.

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