Table Linen, a need of the modern society


In many cultures a white or any colour tablecloth is used as the standard covering for a dinner table.  Over time it has become a custom of arranging tableware,  table cloth or  linen on a table for most social classes except the very poorest. As eating habits changed in the 20th century, a much greater range of table-setting styles developed. Some formal dinners still use white tablecloths, often with a damask weave, but other colours and patterns are possible.  In the later medieval period spreading a high quality white linen or cotton cloth was an important part of preparing for a feast in a wealthy household.

Table Covers are used in restaurants, hotels, homes, etc.  which is a piece of cloth to cover a normal standard size table or a large table in weddings and other gatherings. Some are mainly ornamental coverings, which may also help protect the table from scratches and stains. Other tablecloths are designed to be spread on a dining table before laying out tableware and food. 

Some Table Cloth/Linen are manufactured and dyed, in order to better coordinate with napkins, placemats, or other decorative pieces. Special kinds of tablecloth include runners which overhang the table at two ends only, and table protectors to provide a padded layer under a normal cloth. Dining cloths are typically made of cotton, a poly-cotton blend, or a PVC-coated material that can be wiped clean, but they can range from functional coverings to fine textiles, as long as they can be laundered.

Table Cloth range includes cotton and poly cotton tablecloths, suitable for everyday use. Quality table cloth can transform a simple meal into an event. Choose from rectangular, square, and round tablecloths in a variety of designs and sizes. Common sizes of table covers are as follows but they vary with the use and requirements. 140cm x 180cm • 130cm x 230cm • 160cm x 280cm • 180cm x 320cm • 180cm x 400cm.  A Source known for years to get table covers is Canaria. For quality table covers, one can visit , they produce pure cotton, poly cotton table linen, table cloth, table cover, and table runners for worldwide supply.

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