Why Prefer White Table Covers?


Why Prefer White Table Covers?

Fewer things can be as visually appealing as a nicely laid out table with white table covers, exquisite tableware and neatly arranged napkins. You can create this décor in your home if you focus on white table covers before moving on to cutlery, table ware and other items.

Why White?

White is the standard colour of table covers. It offers a neat and elegant look to a table setting. White is the logical background you can use to mix and match with a large variety of napkins, dinnerware and accessories. There is always an option of using other colours but you might be limited in finding a perfect match in other items. This is not the case with white.  If your dinnerware is also of white colour then adding coloured table mats is a good idea. It will brighten up the space while also highlighting the dinnerware.


White table covers are easier to maintain. It is also a perfect colour if you cannot stand the thought of a guest finding a spot on your table cover. You will already be aware of any spots on a white cover and can wash or replace it in time.

This leads to the type of fabric used in table covers. Cotton is the most commonly used clothing in table covers. It is easier to wash and you can ensure the right amount of crispness by ironing after the cover is dried out. Silk can add elegance to your dinner table. White table covers made of silk exude style and opulence. It is even better if you choose those with embroidery or embellishments at their centre or sides.

You can also use table covers made from synthetic fibres. They offer the simplest cleaning solutions and are durable enough to last many years.  Start with white table covers if you are unsure of the right colour scheme for your table. This will be a perfect start to greater style variations in future, the white table covers.

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