Tablecloth borders add style to plain look


Tablecloth borders add style to plain look
A continuous line work design as a tablecloth border pattern is quite an old tradition. One can also find such work is decoration for dresses, collars, cuffs, table covers, cushions, etc.  A self design in the cloth requires different skills where as if we just need to stitch a border to a table cloth that would be much easier.  Adding a border to a tablecloth could be a simple task which requires basic sewing skills.  As shown above in the image, self patter in the fabric is done when the cloth is in the weaving process and that becomes a permanent part of the cloth. However you can also make any large piece of fabric into a tablecloth with the addition of a border to customize it which not only adds style but also extends it size with a little extra cost.

When planning to add border to a table cloth, note that darker borders contrast nicely with ivory and white cloth for a classic look. For a more eclectic look, borders in fun patterns and prints may add an unexpected colour to tablecloths. In the market you can find all sort of ready to use borders in different sizes and price range.  Measure the parameter of your table cloth before you go out to buy it, know exactly how much you need in inches add few more just for cutting margins.

To stitch border, the first step should be to iron your tablecloth and lay it on a flat surface. Lay border next to the cloth. Cut the border into four long strips with little extra for each side and if your table cloth is circular, then it should be just one long strip. Sew each strip in place as you cut for each side and you may find little extra border strip at all corners.  Fold the corner of each border strip diagonally so the ends of the strips match up and the excess fabric hangs below. You can have edges like a photo frame or let one of the border ends go to extreme end and cut from there.  It will be wise to iron it again so that you get a better finish. Then sew the borders and trim extra, repeat the same for all four corners of the tablecloth.

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