Bring Diversity To Your Oven Gloves


bring diversity to your oven glove

Oven gloves are considered a drab item. Very few people give a second thought to design and fabric while buying these gloves. This often results in poor selection where the gloves do not provide ample protection and wear out soon. You can overcome this problem by buying oven gloves that are not only attractive but also durable.


If you use oven gloves sparingly then you will not need to buy expensive heavy-frame gloves. If you are fond of baking then sturdy yet stylish gloves will help you a great deal. Earlier, oven gloves used to be bulkier. This is not the case any more as synthetic fibres are being used in their production. They are light weight but provide greater protection against heat.


Cotton was the fabric of choice in making oven gloves. Two layers of cotton were sewn together with enough space between them to insert foam or other materials to absorb heat. Cotton is still used in traditional oven gloves and is an excellent blocker of heat. In recent years, however, synthetic materials are gaining popularity. Some oven gloves are made with the same material as wetsuits. They are light weight but provide good heat insulation.

Some gloves use a mixture of fabrics. They have a synthetic material on the outer layer whereas the inner layer is made of cotton or silk. This prevents the coarseness and itchiness and protects the skin.


Oven gloves use an equally diverse variety of designs. Traditional gloves do not have coverings for each finger. Modern gloves come with individual coverings for each finger thus offering you better control. Slicker oven mittens resemble traditional surgical gloves. They offer the best manoeuvring with their light weight and perfect fit.

Oven gloves protect you from burns and injuries. Modern gloves come in stylish designs. Place them at a prominent place in the kitchen and they will uplift the décor of that area.