Prolong the life of kitchen towels


Prolong the life of kitchen towels

Kitchen Towels are an indispensable item. They offer you instant convenience whether you want to grab a simmering pan or need a quick cleaning solution for a spillover. Kitchen towels are also the items that have the reputation of having a short life. Rough use and improper cleaning can lead to tears in the fabric and you need a replacement. While you cannot use the same towel for years, better management can ensure that you do not have to buy a new one every week.

Choose A Good Fabric

It is the fabric that plays a key role in prolonging the life of a kitchen towel. Cotton and terrycloth are two of the most commonly used fabrics in towels. In recent years, however, synthetic fibres, microfibre, polyester, denim and leather kitchen towels have seen a surge in use. This has enabled people to choose a fabric that best suits their needs.

Price Vs. Durability

While you can buy an expensive leather-based kitchen towel, it may tear a hole in your pocket. Kitchen towels are a heavily used item and buying an expensive product may backfire. There is a possibility that the fabric does not last as longer as you had expected. It is therefore better to choose fabrics like cotton that are cheaper and have a significant shelf life.


A good kitchen towel is easier to clean. It is advisable to wash the towel as soon as you see major spots and dirt accumulating on it. Delaying the cleaning may not offer the best results as some spots may remain. You can use lukewarm water with a normal washing formula to clean kitchen towels.

Another good idea is to buy a stack of kitchen towels instead of a single item. This will relieve you from the trouble of using paper napkins or clothing items in case the sole kitchen towel is out of service. It will also help you in saving money.