Cotton towel helps drying dishes fast


Cotton towel helps drying dishes fastKitchen cotton towels are often used for the purpose of drying dishes, drying hands while cooking, etc. Many people believe that we should not be drying dishes with it because when we hold wet dishes, there are chances that they will get re-contaminated if a moist warm environment is available to them. So if you have the habit of drying dishes with towel, make sure it’s fresh clean towel.  As you know there are bacteria everywhere, if at all possible, do dry your dishes before you store them.

In the 18th century England, a tea towel was special linen used to dry the expensive china tea things. Servants were considered too ham-fisted to be trusted with such a delicate job, although housemaids were charged with hand-hemming the woven linen when their main duties were completed.  Tea towels began being mass-produced during the Industrial Revolution as clean tea towels were spread over a tea tray before tea things were put onto it, or used to cover warm scones or a tea pot to prevent heat loss.

Some researchers have proven that air dried dishes carry fewer bacteria as compared to those dried with towels because most people do not use dry towel to finish this task. If possible, have them dried under the sun. At the same time, remember not to leave the wooden things soaked in water for long and should be dried thoroughly before being put away.  It’s better to use a tea towel and then air-dry in the rack. It is often worth turning wooden objects every so often as they dry, since they may be in contact with puddles of water.

Many kitchen supply stores sell tea towels and tea towels made from cotton tends to be much less costly, making it suitable for daily use because they are most absorbent. In some cases, a tea towel is woven in a pattern, while in other rare instances; it may be decorated with paint or embroidery.  In general, tea towels are made with a simple weave, rather than a looped terry and they are made in a hand towel size. The range consists of yarn dyed, printed in various sizes and constructions. Woven on plain, dobby and jacquard loom.  These towels can be machine washed at 60°C but do not bleach them. Always tumble dry at normal cycle. You can iron at high temperature but dry cleaning is not recommended, you can bring the brightness into your kitchen by colourful cotton cotton tea towel.

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