Fight the heat with Frill Skirts


Fight the heat with Frill Skirts

Skirts are a necessary item in the summer season. Although they come in many shapes and sizes, frill skirts are a preferred choice among women of all ages. They are shorter in size thus keep the perspiration away. They also provide greater freedom for movement. These skirts also provide a liberty of choice when it comes to designs and cuts.

What is Frill?

Frill is the ruffle and layers attached to a dress. It adds a flow and enhances the design of a clothing item. In skirts, frills add an extra pomp. You can use frills to enhance the look of an otherwise dull skirt. Short skirts with multiple frills have always remained popular. A single hemline frill is also good as long as it matches well with the design features of the skirt.

Horizontal Frills

Horizontal frills can make your skirt look larger than its original size. They are also good for increasing the width of the skirt. You can add a single horizontal frill or make a tiered design. The latter will add bounce to the skirt and its wavy cuts can help you in easier movements.

Vertical Frills

Vertical frills are less bouncy than their horizontal counterparts. They are usually added sparingly and almost always at the front centre of the skirt. You can use vertical frills to overcome poor design features of a skirt. Alternatively, vertical frills can be added to the entire skirt. This will particularly go well with plain fabrics like cotton and silk.

Fabric for Skirts

The good thing about skirts is that you can use any type of fabric in them. Cotton and silk remain a preferred choice with the former ideal for keeping you cool and airy. Polyester may cause excessive perspiration and thus is not a good material for summer skirts.

Frilled skirts need extra care in washing. It is better to wash them in lukewarm water to keep their design quotients intact.