Why we shouldn’t ignore net shirts?


Net shirts come in many interesting cuts and designs. You will find a variety of fabrics used in these shirts. Crochet remains the most popular design mainly due to its universal matching capabilities. You can wear a crochet net shirt with any type of costume as long as the colours are coordinated. Other types of net shirts are good for casual wear and are preferred by women beach goers.


Heavy fabrics can block the natural breathing process of your skin cells. This results in excessive perspiration, rashes and skin allergies. A net shirt does not have this problem as it provides ample breathing space. This makes net shirts an ideal companion for summer casual wear. You may not need any additional clothing if you are wearing these shirts on a beach. They will provide you with good exposure to the sun while also warding off heat.


Net shirts are available in standard as well as unconventional designs. Under standard design, net shirts come in two main types. One is the crochet variety that you can wear over an ordinary shirt or top. The other is made from very fine netting and does not require any other clothing item to be worn with it.

This second variety is ideal for casual wear. You can wear it on a beach or during a stroll in the evening. Being light weight, it offers better ventilation and keeps you cool during hot weather.


Net shirts do not require extensive care and maintenance. The only care they need is a gentle washing regime. Use a softer detergent and cold water to wash them. You can use a washing machine for this purpose as long as you are using it in lighter mode.

Net shirts make for an ideal gift item. They are easy to wear and wash and are available in a variety of designs.

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