What are stretchable knitted textiles?


Sweaters can keep you warm while also reducing the burden associated with jackets that are often quite heavy. Sweaters are also good for summer nights when temperature suddenly drops and you need to cover yourself up. In winters, they act as a perfect layer on which you can add jackets to fight freezing temperatures. Knitted sweaters may lose their charm with use but stretchable varieties can last longer.

Technically speaking, every knitted sweater, top or other clothing item will stretch. Stretchable knitted sweaters are those that have extra stretching capabilities. This means that they will not lose their original texture and shape even if you wrestle with them. They obtain this elasticity through the addition of synthetic fibres. There are also different knitting and sewing techniques that make these sweaters extra flexible.

Stretchable sweaters are a better option if you want to buy it for your children. Their growing age means that they will need new sweaters ever year. With extra stretchable sweaters, you can extend that period to two to three years. Stretchable knitted sweaters are also good as a gift item especially if you do not know the exact size. They will be a perfect fit than a sweater that is tailored to a specific size and made from less flexible knitting fabrics.

A variation on stretchable knitted sweaters is available in the form of stylish tops. They are a mix between traditional sweaters and fashionable tops. Being made from flexible knitting fabrics, they can provide you with better fitting. Many of these tops come in captivating designs with multi-coloured patterns, embroidery or embellishments.

If you want to wear your knitted sweaters for years, try those with greater elasticity and minimal droop. These stretchable sweaters will not only save you money but will also add to your style quotient.

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