Some ladies love wearing scarves just like men wear ties


Some ladies love wearing scarves just like men wear ties

Like men wear tie some women love to wear scarves

Just like men wear neck tie when dressing formal, many ladies prefer to wear scarves made of luxurious silk to pure exquisite cashmere.  Ladies scarves are a great way to accessorise outfits and there is a large variety of different styles, materials and colours in almost any store you go. With winter approaching you may want to prepare yourself with quality scarves. It has been noticed that cloth made of black and grey cashmere is very versatile and can be worn with casual clothing such as jeans and a jumper or with more formal attire such as a pin stripe suit and overcoat.

Silk scarves can add a unique dimension to your personality. Although a common item, silk scarves have not their charm. It is because of their elegance and the continuous innovation in their designs that has made them perennial favourite. You can use silk scarves in many ways including in decorating your home. For those that are fashion conscious some designs can be considered timeless and will look as good in ten years as it does today. However if you want to make a serious fashion statement consider buying a golden brown scarf such as with leopard print that has a faux fur animal print but which is also very warm and cosy. A material that has always been popular with people who like to wear quality items is pashmina. If you want to buy scarf pashmina that is a bit special then go for royal blue that has a classic plain weave.

You can also use silk scarves for decoration. Spread them over your sofas or use them as a wall hanging. Large silk scarves, with intricate embroidery patterns, can serve as table spreads as well. Silk scarves give you many opportunities for personal styling and home décor. They can improve the look of your outfits and brightens up your home. The knitted ladies scarves come in various colours some of them lovely striped knitted scarves, and some long knitted scarves with matching knitted bobble hats. Women as well as men like to drape silk scarves around their necks. Some may also tie them on their wrists. There is no set wearing pattern for body scarves. You can cover your entire neck with it or drape it on side while exposing the other. Younger generation has a liking for tying scarves on their necks.