Washing your Jeans, caring your denim


You do not need washing your jeans every other time you wear them. The only reason you should consider washing your jeans is if they become stained or heavily soiled.  However, it is important that you soak dark colour denim into water before first wear because the raw jeans with indigo dye may rub off on your skin and it would be wise that length is adjusted after shrinkage.  After washing jeans, shrinkage will occur both in waist size and leg length. It usually takes few washes to achieve the final measurement.  For the rest of the time that you own, avoid washing them at all costs.

Each pair of jeans could have a separate appearance although washed the same, as it all depends on the persons wear.  A pair of jeans is like a second skin where the indigo and denim are living materials. Your everyday life gives the denim its unique character, formed by you into a second skin. Turning jeans inside out before washing will cut down on the friction created by the agitator and to avoid unwanted crinkles from machine. This will help keep your jeans from wearing down prematurely.

Tips for wash and care of Jeans:

In the event of a stain, wash the jeans in cold water only with a soft fabric detergent, do not use host water. Use only when jean is soiled as detergents will wash out the indigo blue. Beware of using detergents with bleach as this will change the natural colours.

The best way to maintain the dark colour of your jeans is to dry clean them but if you can’t, wash them separately.  Most jeans are not colour fast and colour may bleed so if washed before the first wear, wash by machine for a maximum of 5 minutes and avoid lengthy soaking and washing to prevent unnatural fading of indigo.

Never place jeans into a dryer, lay them flat to dry. After washing, natural creases will form and the fade will give its true appearance. After washing, wring out by hand or spin in the machine and then let it dry naturally.

Machine washing on the delicate cycle will help any hole from growing using cold water with mild detergent and avoid using scrubbing brush.

To avoid wrinkles, remove promptly from the washing machine. Turn the jeans right side out.  Zip and button jeans and then hang with a two clip pant hanger clasping the waist.

Avoid heat dryer to keep jeans from shrinking. Although, if shrinking is the desired effect, then go ahead and toss them into the dryer. When jeans are still damp you can stretch the inseam as much as needed, let them dry naturally after washing.