Vertical Lines For Dress Shirts


Vertical Lines For Dress Shirts

Formal dress shirts come in two main design patterns. You will find them with vertical or horizontal prints. Plain dress shirts constitute a different category and are often considered the gold standard in formal wear. Shirts with horizontal or vertical lines are preferred by people who want to spice up their attire. You can choose between the two lining patterns depending on your taste and type of event you want to attend. Vertical lines, however, offer an elegant and stylish design pattern. They are preferred by business executives around the world for their subtleness and style.

Why Vertical?

It is better to buy a shirt with vertical lines if you want to enhance your height. Vertical lines are also good for those who have gained weight and want to hide it. Vertical lines make you look taller and thus compensates for the extra body weight. Vertical lines in dress shirts also offer an uplifting look and are preferred around the world.

You can try different styles of vertical lines on dress shirts. Start with lines that are spaced closer to each other. This will enable you to find whether the design looks good on you. You can later change the style to vertical lines that are spaced apart or designs that are based on square or rectangular patterns. Flannel-type dress shirts are also getting popular. You’ll only need to take care of the colour combination though as garish shades can spoil the desired formal look.

You can still choose horizontal but it may spoil your looks. Try buying shirts with horizontal lines that are either placed closely or at significant distance from each other. Any other arrangement may not look as good. Vertical lines thus offer a safer and elegant alternative and have become part of an international formal attire.