The Importance of Safety Jackets at work


The Importance of Safety Jackets at work

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Safety jackets have become mandatory at work, especially at places where there is a direct risk of accidents and injuries. Orange and yellow are two of the most commonly used colours in making safety vests. The main reason given for the preference of these two colours is the exceptional luminescence of these colours. Orange and yellow colours shine brightly at night especially when lights fall on them. This makes them the ideal colours for use on highways and other places where workers need to be recognized from a distance.

Imagine the horror if a car slams into a group of highway workers repairing the road at night. The car driver will not be able to recognize the workers if they are wearing darker colour vests. The chance of injuries and fatalities can only be reduced if the workers wear orange or yellow-coloured vests as these will be visible from a distance. A driver will recognize the workers as his car’s headlights will be reflected by the vests.

Orange and yellow-coloured vests are also used in railways where train drivers recognize the workers from a distance and apply brakes. The use of orange- and yellow-coloured vests has become mandatory in these two professions. Many other professions have started enforcing the same regulations. Rescue workers often wear orange-coloured vests so as to make them stand out among the crowd. This helps them in finding their way to the site of the accident as the crowd makes room for them. Orange vests are also worn by lifeguards as well as by merchant navy staff in times of disasters.

Safety jackets are not an expensive item and buying an orange or yellow-coloured jacket does not incur extra spending. The benefits of such safety jackets, however, are expansive and save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.