Teenagers are the most sought after customers by fashion industry


Teenagers are the most sought after customers by fashion industry

Teenage Girls: What Should They Wear?

Teenage girls are one of the most sought after customers by the fashion industry. Designers know that it is teenage girls that often start fashion trends that are later embraced by the general populace. Teenage girls like to experiment with their clothing and this brings a rich diversity of designs and patterns. If you are teenage girl then options are endless when it comes to clothing and accessories. You can divide your clothing into two main categories: casual and formal.


You can literally wear anything as a casual dress. Do not hesitate from experimenting with new fabric types and designs. You can wear tank tops with cotton trousers. You can also mix and match tank tops with Capri shorts, a pair of jeans or long- or short-skirts. Casual gowns are another popular clothing item you can try on. Else, try ethnic shirts from Africa or the Kurta shirts from South Asia.

As for footwear, sandals can go well with every type of dress. You can also buy formal dress shoes whereas the sneakers will be your best companion in all weathers. As for the accessories, you can literally wear every type of jewellery and carry any type of bags. Don’t get bogged down by the fashion limitations faced by those who are on the wrong side of 20s. You are still young and you can carve a niche of your own.


The best thing about teenage formal dressing is that you have greater room for experiment. It is not necessary to wear formal gowns at every event. You can instead choose a decent tank top with dress pants. Also try a business casual dress at such parties with medium-sized skirts, dress shirts and vests.

The more you experiment in your teenage, the greater will be your chances of finding your unique style and staying ahead of the fashion industry curve.