Stack your wardrobe with dress shirts for all occasions


Stack your wardrobe with dress shirts for all occasions

Dress Shirts come in various cuts, colours, and choices. You can wear them with a dress pant to your work or you can don a pair of jeans for a casual evening stroll. White dress shirt is an omnipresent clothing item that has never seen a dip in popularity.

Formal dress shirts come in two main design patterns. You will find them with vertical or check prints; however, plain dress shirts constitute a different category and are often considered the gold standard in formal wear.  Shirts with horizontal or vertical lines are preferred by people who want to spice up their attire. You can choose between the two lining patterns depending on your taste and type of event you want to attend. Vertical lines, however, offer an elegant and stylish design pattern.

Traditional white dress shirt is almost always made of cotton. It has a uniform texture and attains a slicker shape once starched. Modern white shirts are made from polyester, silk, microfiber and synthetic materials.  Cotton still remains the fabric of choice for those looking for a neat look. White shirts are available in standard cuts. You will find them in long and half sleeve formats. White dress shirts give ample space for different body types.

White shirts go well with black suit. Add a silk neck tie and you will have perfect formal business attire. A variation of this is wearing white shirt with dress pants. This works as business casual dress. White formal shirts need starching to keep them crisp and slick. You can remove stains from these shirts by bleaching. Wash it with a mild detergent and dry it under sunlight or in a machine dryer. You can use the same cotton white shirt for years with proper care.

Then there are shirts with double cuffs which give better support to your wrists. They make the wrists very prominent and add to other décor such as a wrist watch or a bracelet. Another benefit of double cuffs is their durability. Some double cuffs also use standard cuff links. They are increasingly becoming common in modern business attire. All you need to be careful of is the overall design element and avoid making a fashion faux pas.

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