It does the magic of fabric softness and good smell


Some call it softener, some call it conditioner, it does the magic of fabric softness

Some call it softener, some call it conditioner, it does the magic of fabric softness

Fabric softness is ingenuity; this product is used for preventing cotton textiles from getting stiff when they get dry after washing.  If one try to dry towels in dryer, their piles get hard this makes the use of towel after shower a big hard on your skin.  If during the laundry process, one uses fabric softener in the laundry machine or drying, it does the magic of softness and your laundry get good aroma as well.  Fabric Softener is good for making your laundry smell good and softens the clothes you wear.

Some people also call it fabric conditioner, all it does is to prevent static cling and fabric softness. Always follow the instructions given on the container before using product. One can buy it in three forms, the liquid one, dryer sheet, and now the crystals form too. Almost all washing machines, domestic or industrial have a dispenser where liquid fabric softener can be added for use in the finishing cycle of the run.  It is automatically consumed and does the job and some of this softener also makes ironing easy.

What make it soften are some chemicals but one of the most common compounds is DHTDMAC.  There are various theories how it impacts the health of an individual skin but we let government institutions take care of them. After all, markets carry products which are approved by Health & Environmental Agencies so we don’t need to worry about such issue, we can safely use it as per instruction to ease up our lives. There are many manufacturers of fabric softness products but Downy, Snuggle, Comfort, Lenor, Fairy, Bounce are commonly seen on the super market shelves.