Silky Scarves, an ever popular clothing item


Silk scarves can add a unique dimension to your personality. Although a common item, silk scarves have not their charm. It is because of their elegance and the continuous innovation in their designs that has made them perennial favourite. You can use silk scarves in many ways including in decorating your home.

Head scarves

Silk scarves are mostly worn as head gear. They break the monotony associated with cotton by introducing warmth and elegance to the wearer’s outfit. The natural lustre in silk also goes well with many types of clothing. It can brighten up a dull outfit or enhance the vibes of a multi-coloured dress.

You can wear head scarves in a number of ways. There is no need of covering your entire head if you are not wearing scarves for complying with religious laws. A better way of wearing head scarves is to expose the front part of your hair and tie the scarf in such a way that it curls around the back of your head.

Body Scarves

Women as well as men like to drape silk scarves around their necks. Some may also tie them on their wrists. There is no set wearing pattern for body scarves. You can cover your entire neck with it or drape it on side while exposing the other. Men prefer to wear scarves so as they give the look of a muffler. Younger generation has a liking for tying scarves on their necks.

Scarves for Décor

You can also use silk scarves for decoration. Spread them over your sofas or use them as a wall hanging. Large silk scarves, with intricate embroidery patterns, can serve as table spreads as well.

Silk scarves give you many opportunities for personal styling and home décor. They can improve the look of your outfits and brightens up your home.

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