Shirt endorsing historic fact of the Northwest England


Shirt endorsing historic fact of the Northwest EnglandWhat is Mamucium?  Mamucium is the oldest name for Manchester city, the name given by the early settlers who started commerce activities here.  It’s historic fact that for many years Manchester has stood famous for the trade of textile goods, manufacturing and exporting.  There was a time when cotton trade was at its peak here.  The historic literature states that Mamucium was the first name for this region in the Northwest of England and then it changed to Mancunium and some called it Mancunian.  There is a part of M57 road passing through Manchester call Mancunian Way.  Hamedson pays a tribute to Manchester city by establishing its brand name “Mamucium Gear” for its textile products; it endorses the historic reality of the Northwest England when textile trade was at its boom here. Later in the history, the name changed to Mameceaster and later to Mamcestre. Now-a-days its Manchester, so the shirt lists all 5 names on the front, its’ black t-shirt made of fine cotton. One can send it to friends as a souvenir. One source to find it would be

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