Organic Cotton does make a difference


This article is to create little awareness that chemical pollution in our home is like a silent epidemic.  Recent research is revealing the extent of chemicals in our living environment which we ignore most of the time. Studies have found that most of it is absorb into our body and is present in our blood and accumulated in our body fat storage.

If one cares for his or her health and the environment for the coming years, then we should go for organic stuff.  Even in the cotton textile products it plays an important role. Mattresses for instance, may contain butadiene and nitrosamine that are well known carcinogens; they may also contain volatile organic compounds that may irritate the eyes throat and lungs.

Organic Cotton requires some technical skills to cultivate as compared to the cotton grown using fertilizers and insecticides. As seeds can’t be treated with pesticides, organic cotton is particularly difficult to grow in areas vulnerable to soil diseases. Organic Cotton farmers need to source organically grown cotton seed to start with, they are untreated and non-genetically modified seeds which produce cotton and the rest of the process is same until the finished products but no artificial synthetic element should touch the cotton throughout the process.

Due to awareness by the media, many are selecting organic cotton textile products for their use, they are bit expensive but some people think about for the generation ahead as well as their health at the moment. If one makes a search on the net, you can find most of the textile products in organic material, like, jeans, t-shirt, skirts, etc.  The idea is very simple; less use of chemicals is good for the environment as well as for our health, so go for organic stuff.