Ideal Clothing For Judo Karate


Ideal Clothing For Judo Karate

Judo karate is not just a type of martial art. There is a whole philosophy behind it. Judo originated in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. He wanted to incorporate the elements of spirituality and good living into fighting. He was not only successful in doing that but judo is now one of the most practised martial art forms in the world.

Role in Judo

Judo dresses are designed in such a manner that they enhance the wearer’s performance. Flexibility thus remains a priority followed by good absorption of sweat. Judo practitioners almost always wear white dresses. It has remained the colour of choice since the inception of the art. Cotton is the preferred material in judo outfits. The choice of colour and fabric is rooted in the simplicity and spirituality factor of judo. White also creates a surreal feeling and provides a perfect backdrop for belts that change colours as one ascends the expertise level. Black belt is the highest honour in judo and goes well with the white outfit.


Judo dresses do not contain any exquisite features. You will find them to be made of a thick cotton fabric that is stitched in a robe style. There are two pieces of judo clothing. One is the robe like top and the other is the trouser.

Modern judo dresses have made improvisations that have resulted in minor changes in the outfit. Newer judo outfits are made of a mix of cotton and synthetic fibres. Some of them also contain sparse embroidery, also done with white thread. Others follow the traditional simple design but come with greater flexibility that is much sought after in judo karate.

Judo founder chose white colour because it cannot conceal spots, dirt and grime. You need to wear a clean white dress to play judo and this has a positive impact on your personality

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