How to wash your laundry?


How to wash your laundry?

Laundry is not a pleasant word to many given the time and effort required to wash your clothes, bedding and accessories. Every fabric has its own washing instructions that make things complicated. Disasters are common in laundry as people make wrong guesses about choosing water temperature, type of fabrics that can be washed together and the coloured fabrics that need to be separated from the white ones. You can still manage to run a smooth laundry operation if you follow some tips.


Never try to wash clothes of different colours together. Ideally, separate coloured clothing from the white one and wash them separately. While washing coloured clothing, it is important to separate those do not have stable ink from others. You might otherwise end up with ugly colour patches that cannot be easily removed.


Choose your fabrics carefully while washing them. Cotton may appear the simplest fabric to wash but you can destroy it if you choose to use very hot water. Lukewarm water is the best cleaning liquid for cotton and it should ideally be washed alone. You will need to be more cautious with silk and polyester and follow the manufacturer instructions to wash them. Some fabrics can be dried in a dryer while you will need to hang the others to allow them to dry naturally.


Detergents are an integral part of laundry. In recent years, a new breed of detergents has emerged that uses special formulas for cleaning. It is a good thing to buy a detergent that is made for a special type of fabric such as polyester or microfibre. This will have the requisite cleaning powers and will also keep the fabric intact.

You can do your laundry in a flawless manner as long as you are cognizant of the individual fabric needs. This can help you in cutting short the washing time and ensuring perfect outcomes.