How to keep your ties clean and shiny?


How to keep your ties clean and shiny?

Silk ties are known for their elegance and lustre. They have long been associated with the aristocratic classes and later found their place among upper classes of modern times. Silk ties are no longer as expensive as they used to be. This has enabled many to wear them to work and to formal and casual engagements. If you are a fan of silk ties then you must be aware of stains, tears and other problems that can reduce the life of an expensive tie. With little effort, you can extend the life of your silk ties.

Understand the Fabric

Silk ties are available in two major denominations. The first one is made of pure silk while other uses a combination of silk and synthetic fibres. The latter variety is cheaper and thus more commonly used in making ties. Pure silk ties need to be handled with care as silk fibres are very delicate. Blended silk ties do not require as much care though you need to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Washing and Drying

Some say washing a silk tie should be considered a sin. Washing can destroy the delicate fibres and your expensive tie will be rendered useless. If you notice any stains, try removing them with a piece of dry cotton. You can also use talcum powder that can absorb stains. If that does not work, dip cotton clothing in lukewarm water and try to gently remove the stain. You can also use a silk-friendly detergent for this purpose.

Drying should not be a tough job. Spread the tie horizontally if possible as it will keep the original shape intact. If drying vertically, do not overstretch them as otherwise they might lose their texture.

Silk ties still rule supreme in formal business attire. There is no need of spending money on buying new silk ties. You can use the older ones for years with proper care.

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