How to buy knitwear tops?


Knitwear tops have gained significant popularity in recent years. Although knitwear is an important clothing item, it was not commonly used in making tops. It was only after designers came up with stunning cuts that people started taking notice. Given the high elasticity of knitted fabrics, people also find it easier to buy a top that can last for years. This was especially true for growing children who outgrow their clothes fairly quickly.

Look at the Fabric

If you want to buy knitwear tops, do not overlook the importance of the fabric used in making them.  Knitted fabrics are made of a variety of materials from animal fibres to silk and synthetic materials like nylon and acrylic. The nature of spinning and texture plays a key role in determining the quality of a knitwear top. Some knitted fabrics may lose their elasticity with a few washes and you may end up with a drooping top that you can only wear in home.

Examine the Cuts

Cuts and design elements are also important while buying knitwear tops. While a strong knitted fabric can last many years, improper design and cuts may accelerate its wear and tear. You can overcome this problem by examining the stitching style and types of cuts used. Stretch them and look for any protruding threads, extra fabric at hidden places. Do not overlook the slightest droop at a particular area of the top when you try them on.

Be Careful with Washing

Knitwear tops, like other knitted clothing items, come with special washing instructions. Avoid using your washing machine in heavy mode or using simmering hot water. You also need to dry them in such a manner that they do not lose their elasticity.

You can purchase a quality top by looking at its flexibility, droop, stitching patterns and cuts. They will add to your style statement and will be good for all seasons.