How Big Is Your Wardrobe?


How Big Is Your Wardrobe?

No two wardrobes are the same. Whether it is the size or the type of clothing, wardrobes are bound to be unique even if are of twin sisters. Some people like their wardrobe to be brimming with clothing and accessories. Others prefer a simple yet elegant collection of clothing items.

Small Vs. Large Wardrobes

Size and style are not synonymous when it comes to wardrobes. You may have a large wardrobe with hundreds of outfits but you may still look awkward. A smaller wardrobe with stylish designs and better colour coordination can help you in creating a unique fashion statement of your own.

Wardrobe Management

You can better manage your wardrobe by having a greater variety of clothing and accessories. Ideally, a wardrobe should have three sections for clothing items. The first one should be dedicated to casual clothing, the second one for formal events and the third for combination clothing that can go well in casual and formal environments. Repeat the process for shoes and accessories. This will help you in sorting out the initial mess associated with poor clothing categorizations.

Bring Changes to your Wardrobe

The rearranging of wardrobe will enable you to find clothing and accessories that are no longer in vogue. It is time to do away with these and replace them with new items. While on the hunt for fashionable clothing, try buying items that can last more than a season.

You can create a formula where you buy one dress of the latest fashion while another that has been around for a couple of years. Chances are that the second design has generated a new fashion trend and will stay popular for many more years to come.

Money does not play a major role in wardrobe shuffle as long as you are paying attention to the latest fashion trends. Try a reshuffle every six months to ensure that you stay ahead of the style curve.

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