Enhance Your Style With Fashionable Tops


Enhance Your Style With Fashionable Tops

Tops have been around for centuries. They, however, acquired their contemporary name only recently. In simplest terms, tops comprise of items worn by men and women on upper parts of their body. By other definitions, tops are specifically related to clothing worn to cover the torso from the neck to the waistline. Tops were earlier limited to describing women’s clothing but are increasingly being used in men’s clothing as well.

Basic Cuts

Traditional tops are not much different from a t-shirt. They have short sleeves with a standard shirt-type cut. Another type of top, which is more popular, is known as tank top. It does not have sleeves and has a slicker cut. Tank tops are the clothing of choice during summer. They have found their way in formal gatherings as well especially in women’s wear.

Design Variations

The growing popularity of tops has enabled designers to introduce new designs and cuts. Instead of a standard tank top, you can purchase one that has a low or high neckline. In men’s tops, you will find A-line cuts, t-shirt cuts and exercise tops that end at your navel. Irrespective of gender, tops do not usually have multiple layers of fabrics. They are originally designed as summer wear though you may find some made of wool and velvet. This later variety can come in handy for winter wear if you cover them up with a jacket or sweater.

There is no age limit for wearing tops. Although some think they are for the younger generation, tops are being worn by those past the prime of their life.  Tops are included in comfort fabric and have enough diversity in design to make them wearable for all ages. Start with simple cuts if you have yet not started wearing tops. You will be impressed enough to choose chic designs and multi-coloured patterns.

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