Dressing for Hiking, look for comfort and durability


Dressing for Hiking, look for comfort and durability

Hiking is a fun exercise undertaken by millions of people around the world which requires special dressing. You can enjoy it more if you are wearing a slick and comfortable dress. Unlike common sports clothing, where you need more room for movement, hiking dresses tend to be of tighter construction. They also come with many pockets that come in handy for long trips in the forest. You can stash mobile phones, GPS trackers, ropes, chocolates and other food items in these pockets. The dress itself is made of such material that it absorbs sweat and helps you in moving forward without impediments.


Hiking dresses come in many shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, there is no standard hiking attire. You can go on a hiking trip in your regular jeans and tee shirts. The disadvantage of this dressing, however, will be visible within a mile of your trip. It is possible that the dress tears up from many places and cause embarrassment. It may also impede your movement among jungle trails.

A proper hiking dress is one that is sturdy enough to withstand the torment. It also offers enough ventilation to ensure speedy evaporation of sweat.

Cotton and Khakis

The most commonly used hiking dress comprises of khaki shorts and cotton tee shirts. It is considered an ideal dress as cotton help in keeping you well-ventilated. It is also a lighter fabric and does not cause a feeling of heaviness. Cotton tee shirts become even more important if you are carrying a backpack. Proper ventilation will keep your back dry and enable you to Khaki shorts come with many pockets that help hikers in stashing their equipment and food supplies.

You can also wear long pants as long as you have no excessive sweating problems. The only thing to consider when dressing for hiking is the comfort and durability.